Phenomenal Kidz Will Never Forget: 11 September 2001

We grew up in Lower Manhattan. On the 11th of September, 2001, some terrorists murdered thousands and thousands of people in walking distance from where we used to live. We are scared, hurt, angry, and are mostly disgusted with the way that's been made into an excuse for occupying Afghanistan, Iraq, and probly Iran, soon. We don't want any war! The pxrxnts (we don't spell out dirty words) wouldn't let us march in a demonstration against the war in Viet Nam, for the totally silly reason that it was 1968, and the body was seven. How dumb is that??

We just want people to care about each other*. And we think you shouldn't do to others what you wouldn't want them to do to you. (That's the Jewish version. It came first. It's different from the 'doing to others' one. It feels different.) But we're just kids so what would we know?

Boy! We are so so mad. Some grownups who dont have enuf imaginashun to reed our pagiz the way they are told us our site was 'unreedable'. We shoodent hafta fix it so its all in good spellen and stuff, but weer gona. Gotta mak the site reeder-frendly, even if the reeder isnt enuf kid-frendly to understan that we rite as gud as we no how. Im Pat and Im 4 and if I cant spel, cood they wen they wer 4? Still we want to be in big peple web rings, so sinc we cant beet um, beter join um... ooo. I hate this kinda thing. It feels lik we just got wakked on the hand with a ruler!

Please visit our WebRings by clicking here. That will take you to the WebRing Page we have that is not uglified with Yahoo!WebRing NavBars. For that WebRing Page, click UglyPage. That one is kind of hard to read, because it is as ugly as we could make it. We think it's funny to make things ugly on purpose.

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The Wondrous World of Multiple Personalities
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The Pages of The Guyz' Inside Kids

I'm Pat and this is the page of the littles in the multiple system called 'The Guyz', or LeKZ. We want to make friends... (but not with unimagnativ adults who wanna mak us spel!)

A Hug from me Pat
©1998 LeKZ by me Pat

We would have made our pages in a kidz' area, but they don't allow links to adult-content sites there, and we wanted to be able to put up links to our Biguns' pages, too. (Though they've gotta put that whole website back up, 'cause of they changed domain names and it poofed off the web).
There's Who We Are - How We Got Here -LeKZWorld which explains about us and our system, and The Gals Poetry place, which is some of our Biguns' writings, and some of it is bad words and stuff wich the kidz' sites bosses said you can't connect up to them sorts of things from there.
All us kids are writing about our system of self government here Inside and when we're done the link will be to the

Story of the People's Republic of Children.
So when that turns blue, you can go there and read it.

If you don't know this, we got multiple from lots of realy bad awful yukky stuff happened to us when the body was little. Now the body growed up but we're still little and we like to play and have fun like regly kids but we'd look to silly on a jungle gym in this bigun body. So I decided to make us a kids' page and nobody older than 10 gets to help. The little animated picture on top of the page is the connexion to LeKZIndekz wich gets you places in our system's pages.  You just click on the picture.

I can't do no more today but will be back soon. If you don't know much about multiple people we got a Multiple City made EZ page that explains it. If you're a Inside kid, then you're probably safe reading it. If your're a Outside kid, you better ask your Big people that take care of you to check it first or read it with you ok?


Bet you didn't know this so I'm going to tell you, lots of us kids speak English, but lots of us only speak French.  They go to school Inside to learn English!  We're working on making this site bilingual.  Trouble is, French is even harder to spell fonetikaly than English.  Still, our lil lef sid kidz (that's the name of their group) who don't mostly speak English, wanted to talk about why we're so tired of having to see psychiatrists so they wrote it in English and also in French.  You can click to go see.  Just remember, the lil lef sid kidz are 2 and 3 years old and write exactly how they talk. It helps if you read aloud, if you suffer from Starchy Grown-Up Syndrome.

Member: LeKZ' Campaign Against Internet Greed
Zero Tolerance of Child Pornography on the Internet

OK I'm back.  We busted our tailbone a couple years ago. It kinda makes you wonder.

Why do we got tailbones anyway?  We don't got tails.  I think it'd be fun to have a tail.  But it gots to be furry, not pink and yucky.  Like monkey tails, not rat tails.  It'd be fun to have a monkey tale.  There'd probably be tail fashions and tail colours like Auntie colours our hair, and punkers could have tail mohawks and dye ther tails purple like Sylvia did our hair when the body was a teenager.  And maybe black people and people with really curly hair could do their tail like a poodle.

Monkeys can hold onto things with their tails too.  Sometimes when you don't got enough hands a monkey tail would be good to have.  Like I could write on the 'puter with all of my fingers cos of the Biguns showed me how, and still hold my Pepsi in my tail and drink it.

I love animals. Us kids all do. We love animals maybe more than human people, I don't know.  The body's allergic to most animals though, but I can love them anyway.  The Biguns' last Outside Person had a kitty called Blueberry cos of she was a white kitty with blue eyes and she got some medicine in her breakfast so our body wouldn't be allergic to her.  We loved her lots and lots and when the Outside Biguns and our Biguns broke up and the Outside Biguns went away they took Blueberry and also all of their Inside Littles who were our friends away too.  Animals don't fight and stuff like human people, at least I dont think so.  They're nice and keep you company and even if you don't got them in your house, you can always watch them.  We used to have a squirrel named Chipper that we fed her peanuts.  We were feeding her them for five years.  She didn't need us to feed her cos of she wasn't tame but she liked us to feed her and we liked it too.  In springtime she used to let her boyfriend have some of her peanuts but only until she gets babies then she made the boyfriend go away cos of that's what squirrels do.  I wish she'd let us see her babies but she's not tame so she never did, and I never saw a baby squirrel. Chipper finally went to squirrel heaven a couple of years ago and it was sad but we expected it for a while cos of she was getting gray hair from so old.

I can't watch animal teevee shows though, cos of they show them killing each other which I know that's normal and that's what animals do but it upsets me to watch it anyway.  I dont like violence.

That's why our favourite animal's a elfink (that's 'elephant' for you chronologically advantaged types).  Elfinks are smart and live a long time and are vegetarians which we are too, and take care of their babies and got no natural predators, only bad human people with guns.  And manatees are really elfinks in the ocean, so we love them too.  Really, they're the same family animal as elfinks and hippos and rinos: pachyderm which you say it 'pakiderm' and dugongs in Africa are them too.  They came up on land a long time ago and then changed ther mind and went back in the water but they're a mammal like elfinks not a mammal like dolphins.  Manatees are vegetarians too and also got no natural predators except bad people with motor boats.  They live a long time and are smart and don't have too much babies in their whole life so it's very bad to kill them cos of they're endangered.  I think it would be bad to kill them if they weren't.

I asked our Penny she's 10 to make a picture of elfinks for our page so she did cos of she loves to draw and shes a really amazing drawer so here's Pennys picture of elfinks that she did entirely on the 'puter cos of we didn't have a scanner then:

Penny's Picture of Elfinkz
©1998 LeKZ

Elfinks are the best lucky animal for us, but if we could be one we'd be a squirrel cos of they always look like they're having fun. Wanna see our Elfinks Page?

The grafikz under here means no fair copying other people's picture or writings, which is right cos of Penny would be so sad if her elfink got stolen by bad people just cos of they thought it was pretty.

The Eleventh Commandment

Please read our old guestbook down there, and sign our new one cos of we want to know who came here and what you think of our pages and what you're like.

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some of our grafikz are from a free grafikz site you can reach by clicking on the great dancing elfink


Penny and Jared spell better than most adults in the United States. We dare anyone to challenge either of them to a spelling test!
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