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people have been here. Come again!
~4/4/02~ Hi everybody! Guess what! I'm updating! Yay!!! As you can see, there are different changes to the place. First off, we have a title!! *applause* Thank you, thank you. Yes, friends, I bid you welcome to the *drum roll, please* Land of Purple Skiez! Yay!!!! Whoo hoo! Next off, I'm going to actually put stuff up here! *more applause* Oh yes! Aren't I wonderful??? he he...Whew! Also, I have changed the way you sign the guestbook. I would greatly appriciate it if you could please go and sign it! Also, I have changed the Misc page. Go check it out! There's a  link to my friend Mandi and my new site, as well as a section about me.
**The Land of Purple Skiez**
Full moon pics still don't work....just give it time!
Somebody needs a hug...
~4/26/02~ Well, it's Friday nite, I'm at home, so i'm gonna update for you guys...Hehehe....Ok, I've put some new artwork up for you guys to see. There' s only a few new ones at the moment, though, because uploading them takes forever! Also, there's a new link up for an Invader Zim site where I got my little gifs. Hehehe! More to come!
~6/10/02~ Hmm...you know, I probably should update...but I don't think I will. I know, bad Pappy. Sorry guys. Have fun in the sun, though. 43 days left 'til my Birthday!!!!!
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