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The Snow Tunnel

A long time ago, a little girl believed in Santa. As Christmas approached, her excitement grew. She talked non-stop about the reindeer, and could she help make cookies, and how was Santa going to get down the chimney...what would he bring?

Mama laughed at her daughter and said she would just have to wait and see what Santa would bring. She told her to get a chair and she could watch as the cookies baked, and lick the spoon. Waiting was always hard when something special was going to happen.

Christmas Eve afternoon, came. Snow began to fall. The little girl sat at the window with her check pressed against the pane. The snow fell furiously. She got very quiet. She sat and watched as the snow piled higher and higher. The entire day passed with her watching the snow.

Her mama baked the cookies and brought her lunch to the window. The radio played all the most loved Christmas carols. The snow continued to fall. The little girl continued to sit.

Daddy came home early that afternoon because there was too much snow. He laughed at his daughter and tried to get her to come outside. She didn't want to leave the window.

By nightfall, the snow was halfway up the window. It was deep enough that the family was snowbound. It was so beautiful. They had to lift their dog up to let her go ouside! The dog walked over the fence on the snow! Everyone laughed and hoped the dog could find her way home. She did.

At 8:00, when mama sent the little girl to bed it was still snowing. She tossed and turned and as hard as she tried, she couldn't go to sleep. She didn't think Santa could fit in the chimney. He certainly couldn't come through the door. She tried not to cry, but her tears came anyway. Her daddy came in and picked her up onto his lap. The little girl told him her fears. Daddy chuckled and said everything would be alright because Santa was MAGIC! He placed her back on her bed, tucked the covers around her chin, and kissed her forhead. Quietly he left the room.

Christmas morning dawned upon the most incredible sight the entire family had ever seen. They couldn't see out of the windows. The snow was deeper than it had ever been. Mama and daddy kept talking about the snow ... but there were no presents under the tree. The little girl was crushed. She was sure she'd heard Santa's sleighbells shortly after daddy had left her room. She began to cry.

Her daddy swooped her up into his arms and said "None of that, young lady!" I have something to show you!

On the counter in the kitchen, next to Santa's plate was a note addressed to "My dear family". On it were the words..."OPEN THE KITCHEN DOOR"

The little girl ran as fast as she could and threw open the door! She caught her breath! There was a tunnel. A real tunnel through the snow, that lead to the shed outside. Mama was behind her and helped her into her coat and boots.

Inside the shed, a red blanket was laid out with pretty plaid bows just like the ones on their tree! Presents were stacked on the blanket, and the stockings were laying there, too! She didn't know why Santa had put the presents out in the shed, but Daddy said it was because it might be the only time Santa could ever give her a snow tunnel for Christmas!

The little girl is grown now. And she's certain she still hears sleighbells on Christmas Eve. She loves the lights, and the tree, and the carols bring the nicest memories. Her daddy was right, though. She's never gotten another snow tunnel ... to this day, she finds herself at the window. Somehow, she just can't resist sitting and watching when it starts to snow.

Merry Christmas everyone!
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