WHOSE Voice are you Listening to?
I am Tsalagi!

Eons ago we walked this land
Heads held high, with steady steps.
Creator was the source~ the ALL.
We looked to Edoda for the truth.

Today self appointed experts, educated men . . .
block us in and define us.
Imposing opinions and experiences
that make us doubt what we already know.
Society has advanced to where we can pick our sin.
Can we live with what we choose?
Life is choice, we carry on.
We look to these people as we once looked to our Elders.
We ask for confirmation instead of listening to the voices within our souls.
Collective voices from the past.

We are born naked.
Our minds clean and hearts pure.
We come prepared to learn and fulfill a great purpose.
We know no bounds on the day we begin.

Define the path that you will walk.
Close your mind to guilt. Do not listen to the self lies.
People make mistakes, that's why we are not God.
We are here to LIVE. To love. To grow. Find a hand to hold
and feel it's strength.

Every day the tears will come if you let them.
No dreams will seep into your heart
unless you open yourself up to dreaming.
Stop saying BUT. Stop finding reasons why you can't.
Never utter 'should haves' 'would haves' or 'if onlys'.
Replace these thoughts with I will, and I must, I can.

What will you tell yourself each day?
How much are you worth?
Will you tie your own wings?
Prevent your own birth?

Letting go is hard. WHERE IS YOUR TRUST?

Eons ago we walked this land
Heads held high, with steady steps.
Creator was the source~ the ALL.
We looked to him for truth and love;
We knew there was a universal loop.

Today I talk to this shell I'm in, this Housing for my soul . . .
Did you come to live? ~~ THEN LIVE!
Where is your strength? ~~ Pull it from within!
Who is your God? ~~ Will you walk with Great Spirit?
or will you accept mediocrity and lay down to die . . .

Who will define my path? ~~ Define the path you walk!
How much more time will I waste? ~~ It is Time!
How many more tears are in my heart? ~~ It is over!
Let them OUT!
How many more limits will I allow to weight my wings
and still my voice? ~~ Throw off your bounds!
FLY! Shout!
Where is my song? ~~ Your voice is loud! Sing!

We are humanity. We are one.
Where is our foundation?
"Help me Eternal One. I HAVE COME."

Come to the water and release your pain.

CHOOSE and it will be SO!


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