This is my great-great grand father, Wm. Frank Dobson, and his mother, Elizabeth Cantrell. Next is my great grandpa, Roy Dobson, with my gramma, Etta Jo. The lady in the round is Verna Lee Goforth, we think, and the baby is my mother, Joetta Lee Rogers.

This is Mary Etta Taylor Dobson, My great-great grandmother. The girl is unknown. Mary Etta is wearing mocasins, and the young lady is rather bold in her short dress!

This is Roy Cleveland Dobson and his wife, Verna Lee Goforth Dobson.

These are my beloved grandparents. Guy B was only my grandfather by marriage, but I loved him very much. My gramma is my life's inspiration.

These are my paternal grandparents, Lyle (Lisle)Henry Cole, and Violet Rose Stephens Cole.

Dad and me, and mama.
Lyle Leroy Cole, Amber Lee, Joetta Lee Rogers.


Me and my Youngest daughter Taryn
My hubby and grandbaby, daughter and son-in-law. I couldn't be prouder.


Me and Steve

Our son, Geoffie

November 12, 2001

The Paschal (Paschall) Family US. History

The Paschal family has Its roots as a farming family. The Paschal family In the United States can be traced back directly to Thomas Paschal, who was born about 1523 In Bristol, England. Family lineage has Its earliest documented roots In Auvergne, France where John Paschal was born In 1475. He died in 1548. The French Paschals were Protestants who were severely persecuted so they left for England during the late 1400ís or early 1500ís. The first family members moved to Essex, then later to Bristol, where Thomas Paschal was born. His son Andrew Paschal was the first to leave England for the new world in the 1600ís.

Upon entering the United States, Andrew Paschal and his descendants lived In the Middlesex County, NJ area. Thomas Paschal was a son whom we descended from. He was a craftsman that worked with pewter, much like a silversmith. It Is told that he purchased about 500 acres from William Penn (whom the slate of Pennsylvania was named after). This land was located on the Skuylkill River, which flows through Philadelphia. This land Is a neighborhood In present-day Philadelphia and Is still called Paschallville. It Is In the southwestern part of the city. In fact a library branch Is called the Paschalville library.

William Paschal was born In Philadelphia, PA on July 22, 1693. He married Phereba Ward.

In the mid 1700ís, the United States government began the North Carolina Land Grants, William Paschal and family moved south, Into Warrenton County, NC, just south of the Virginia border. They farmed and lived In this area. They had several children. The present day Paschals here In Carroll County descended from a son, Samuel Paschal. William and Phereba Paschal had another son, Isaiah. He had a grandson, George Washington Paschal, Sr., who married Sarah Ridge. George Washington Paschal, Sr. was born In Greene County, GA, November 23, 1812.

Sarah Ridge, a Cherokee Indian princess (see, every family has one! I had to laugh as this is really what was passed out at the family reunion!), was the daughter of the second highest chief of the Cherokee Nation. Major Ridge, chief of the Chickamauga tribe, married Susannah Wickett. Major Ridge and his family made their home In what Is today known as Rome, GA. Major Ridge was one of the three Cherokee leaders who signed the treaty at New Echota (present day Calhoun, GA) with the U.S. government, which led to the relocation of the Cherokees to Oklahoma; In exchange for $ 5,000,000 and lands out west. His conviction was that, after much fighting and bloodshed, leaving peacefully for Oklahoma was the only way for the Cherokee to survive as a nation and culture. He believed that education and peaceful civilization would better the lives of the Cherokee.

George Washington Paschal, Sr. and wife Sarah Ridge Paschal moved to Arkansas In 1837. George was appointed the chief justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court, by the state legislature. In 1847, they moved to Austin, Texas. He was a friend and advisor to Sam Houston. He defended Indian claims against the United States government.

In the early 1800ís, descendants of Samuel Paschal continued their migration Into South Carolina. From Abbeville Co. SC, family members moved into Carroll and Heard County, GA and parts of Alabama. Most settled here in Carroll County or still live nearby. Other descendents of Samuel Paschal moved on Into other states In the southeast and even as far away as Texas.

Our great-grandfather, George William Paschal and great-grandmother Annie Paschal were born, lived and died In the Ephesus community of northwestern Heard County, GA. They are both buried In the Ephesus Baptist Church cemetery.

Info on the Indian Branch of the Paschal family and where they are today.

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