It Is An Honor . . .

Grandfather moon hung low, behind a thinly shifting veil of clouds.

A prismed auora circled his ancient face. He is stunning in his inspiration.

I stand below and lift my face to the brightness of the night sky.

I want to sing; lift my voice in praise to Great Spirit.

I want to raise my hands to touch the lessons held cradled, cupped in the palms of the night.

I do not know what words to use. . .

All of a sudden I hear my Grandmother's voice,
soothing me, speaking my name.

"Nvyaosani, put your fears to rest.

You are my child, and just being here is enough."

So I stand; enveloped in the breeze; under the stars;

Alone in the ultimate presence of my ancestors

And I feel our spirits merge. I am them, and THEY are me.

I feel such peace.

Thank you Grandmother.

Thank you.


All of us pray, but in a different way:
on our knees or on our feet;
with our head bowed or the faces turned to heaven.
Some wrapped in prayer shawls with beads between their fingers,
others with rawhide rattles and the drumbeat in their hearts.
Some go to splendid temples all across the globe,
others in the quiet wood, or in the desert heat,
where ancestors walk close to this world,
hush! not a word is said
some lift their voices, others sing and shout,
whilst even others pray silently within their soul.
Some with candles and incence,
bells ringing trough the air,
and others with tendrils of sage smoke and sweetgrass
taking the prayers to Grandfather, Heavenly Father,
Creator, Great Spirit, God.
Some give their tenth, some others tobacco,
and others fast and seek.
Visions and dreams,
sermons and lecture,
meditation and healing . . .
We are all the same.
We are all children of our creator,
all of us, brothers and sisters.
We walk the same path, just in different ways.
Some hold fast to the iron rod of revealed scriptures
while others walk a path of reverence
that comes from a closeness with nature,
feeling of the intelligence of natural things
to obey God without question.

All of us partaking of Spirit.

These words were written by
my friend

Whose Voice are you listening to?

And the wind said:
May you be as strong as the oak,
yet flexible as the birch;
may you stand tall as the Redwood,
live gracefully as the willow;
and may you always bear fruit
all your days on this earth.

~ a Native American prayer

Peace is not something you wish for; it's something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away!
--Robert Fulghum

Every man must take time daily for quiet and meditation. In daily meditation lies the secret of power. No one can grow in either spiritual knowledge or power without it. Practice the presence of God just as you would practice music. No one would ever dream of becoming a master in music except by spending some time daily alone with music. Daily meditation alone with God focuses the divine Presence within us and brings it to our consciousness.

H. Emilie Cady, Lessons In Truth

A Healing Vision


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