For all our soldiers. Until you are home . . .

Unelanahi sgvsi nvwadohiyadi osda ayilidi nigadi gvginetliyvsdi nigessvna gesvi, ale utlanigida aquudanadadisdi aginetliyvsdi na gvginetliyvsdi gesvi, ale agadohvnesdi aquunvda yulisdosi dudalehnavi. ~ Emenv

ai sv nv wa do hi ya do

Walk in Peace

May Creator be the LIGHT that leads us all, and may we all find the strength to face tomorrow.

much love, ~Amber Morning Rain

updated October 22, 2006


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A Full Circle Journey


I am so happy to have you here to visit. This is my heart-place, and YOU are welcome! These are my feelings and understandings.


For My Children

A Christmas Story To Share

My grandbaby, my husband, and a wedding picture!

To trace your Cherokee roots

April is Autism Awareness Month!

Tribute to a very special TEACHER

The Low Carb Life Free resource on low carb living, with information on low carbodydrate - high protein living, recipes, forums, low carb product recommendations, and weight loss assistance for living a more healthy lifestyle.

Low Carb Basics / Induction Info and a shopping list!

the daily motivation verse

dancing lady Here is a quick hidden page guide.

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I have a name! The Awakening Poetry
Grand Mother's voice Genealogy Our Pictures

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Cherokee Traveler's Greeting
I will draw thorns from your feet. We will walk the White Path of Life together. Like a brother of my own blood, I will love you. I will wipe tears from your eyes. When you are sad, I will put your aching heart to rest.


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My poetry and thoughts. . .

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