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Click on these CDs to here Live RealAudio tracks from Transformers: The Movie. I have both the Original '87 Release and the '96 Special Botcon Release for you to enjoy. (or download).


Grimlock's Home Movies

Welcome to my collection of Home Movies. Here you can find just about everything that was ever done in the US (Accept G2). The 98 TF Episodes, The Movie, Canadian Retail Copies and now Beast Wars (Canadian Retail and much more).

All 98 Unedited Transformers Episodes + Movie98 Transformer Episodes & Movie (SP & EP)
All 52 Unedited Beast Wars Episodes (Outstanding Quality)52 Beast Wars Episodes (SP A+ Grade!)
Canadian Transformers & Beast Wars EpisodesCanadian Trasformers & Beast Wars Tapes
52 Beast Wars Episodes on CD52 Beast Wars Encoded in RealVideo CDs

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