Ian, Lisa, Kane and Rourke Wallace and the world famous hounds of NowStarin share our home. We are situated in Wilberforce, New South Wales at the foot of the Blue Mountains, on the Hawkesbury River. We are 5klms from the beautiful historic town of Windsor.

We have been involved in Rottweilers since about 1980, and seriously became involved with our first "Show dog" in 1984. Our involvement in the breed has evolved over the previous years with a dedication that goes way beyond Rottweilers as a hobby. They have become a way of life and a very enjoyable one.  Our every day is spent "rottweilering" in one way or another.
Come with me through our home in cyberspace and enjoy our dogs and hopefully we can let you see the fruits of our dedication to the most wonderful breed of dog THE ROTTWEILER.
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