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Hi and welcome to the Funny Farm. This page has been a long time coming, I've been saving all these funny pictures for a long time now trying to get a large collection. All these pictures have been sent to me through e-mail from all my e-mail buddies.
(((((Thanks Everyone!!!)))))

You may find some pics here that you've seen on other websites but hopefully you'll run across something new. Some of these pics have large file sizes or their animated so please be patient while they load.

While your here why not send this page to your e-mail buddies and share a laugh. Laughing is good for the soul! ;-)

As always I hope you enjoy this page and most of all have fun!!! Thanks for stopping by.

*NOTE: Some Things On This Page Are Adult Oriented And May Be Offensive To Some People. For The Most Part Everything Is Just Funny, Cute, And Well, You'll See!!! LOL
You've Been Warned!!! Hahahaha

The Funny Farm Has Been Hit #Times
Bad Date Bad Baby Bed Time
Birds Boy & Girl Bug
Chastity Cigar Clinton 1
Clinton 2 Clinton 3 Clinton 4
Dancing Girl Day Dreaming Dirty Old Man
Dog Dollor Flirting Frog
Frogging Around Fun Day At TheBeach Girls Have Fun
Golf Hear No Evil Head In Butt
Honesty On The Internet Lets Do It Lost Dog
Monkey OBGYN PC Humor
Polish Gas Chamber Pups Pups 2
Pups 3 Pups 4 Safe Sex
Say No Surprise Taco Bell
The Flasher The Ladies Room The Male Brain
The Mens Room The Presidents Seal This Job Stinks
Taco Bell 2 Empty Empty
The Worm Viagra Wag The Pup
Whale Whats Up Whipass Soup

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