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The list of Bamboo animated letters are in groups of 3 colors per letter. Red, Blue & Black.

**NOTE: The BLACK letter's will not show up when viewed with a BLACK background.

The Bamboo Room Has Been Hit

A Black
A Blue
A Red

B Black
B Blue
B Red

C Black
C Blue
C Red

D Black
D Blue
D Red

E Black
E Blue
E Red

F Black
F Blue
F Red

G Black
G Blue
G Red

H Black
H Blue
H Red

I Black
I Blue
I Red

J Black
J Blue
J Red

K Black
K Blue
K Red

L Black
L Blue
L Red

M Black
M Blue
M Red

N Black
N Blue
N Red

O Black
O Blue
O Red

P Black
P Blue
P Red

Q Black
Q Blue
Q Red

R Black
R Blue
R Red

S Black
S Blue
S Red

T Black
T Blue
T Red

U Black
U Blue
U Red

V Black
V Blue
V Red

W Black
W Blue
W Red

X Black
X Blue
X Red

Y Black
Y Blue
Y Red

Z Black
Z Blue
Z Red

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