Who and Why
So who is your favorite and why? Is it Luke, Qui-gon, or Obi-wan? Email to tell me and I will post it here.
Some of these replies are from the Jedi Council Forums.
From: The Obi-wan and Only

Obi-Wan because he kicks a**, he's sexy and.....
From: Shadow-Jedi-Devohn

I would have to say Luke Skywalker. For all the trials he has survived and all the goals destined for him to achieve.
From: emilsson

Of all those characters I love Luke the most, though Qui-Gon is a close second.

Now why do I feel so strongly for him? Because the way he held to his ideals through everything he faced. He showed a way to conquer evil, the value of love and friendship and forgiveness. In the end, he triumphed because he believed in good more than the power he had.
From: Miriamidala

Luke Skywalker....


1) I used to think he was cute.

2) Obi-wan in Episode 1 was good, but Old Ben Kenobi was never one of my favorites. He seemed like a wimp. I don't know...He should have been out finding people who were force-sensitive and helping the Rebellion, instead of becoming a hermit/recluse.

3) Qui-Gon was awesome, he didn't always listen to rules, was corageous enough to speak his own opinion, and caring enough to understand all life forms. All in all, he was great, but he didn't have it too hard.

4) Luke had to overcome countless obstacles....he was forced to stay on Tatooine all his life because Owen and Beru were too afraid to let him go out into the world, lest Vader find him. He saw the only people he knew who ever took care of him die because of something he did/didn't do. His whole world was turned upside down and he had to start over. As soon as he got to trusting another person, that person was "killed" right before his eyes. He was attracted to Leia, who turns out to be his sister, in a sense he was "dumped". He never knew his mother. And....his father was Darth Vader, the one responsible for all of the deaths of his friends and family. Yet he sees past all that, starts his Jedi training, doesn't listen to Yoda and saves his friends, gets a hand cut off, goes back for more Jedi training, Yoda dies, Luke continues to pursue his Jedi training. He stands up to a snaily blob...gets almost killed by a beast that eats people like popcorn, almost gets tossed into a pit where he'd be digested for thousands of years, once again has a plan and saves his friends, never forgetting the droids, goes on to face his father and the Emperor, doesn't kill either of them, even though at times he wants to, he resists. Because of him, the Emperor was defeated and his father was saved. I'd say Luke did it all. Anakin may have started everything...creating the IMBALANCE in the Force, but Luke is the one who once again BALANCES it. That is why Luke is my favorite.
From: Big Bad Yoda Daddy

Obi-Wan Kenobi, old and new. He's got the brawn to fight his way out of mistakes, and the brains to learn from them.
From: PowerfulJedi

Obi-Wan because he is 1 of the few people that will be in all episodes.
From: Barada

He has the most character developement.
From: Koreynl

Qui-Gon, he is a rebel. And an Aquarius, just like me :-)

Nuff said.
From: Ri-Al_Brew

Obi-Wan Kenobi, it just sounds right!!
From: Obi Anne

Qui Gon Jinn, he's the most handsome guy in the universe.
From: George_Lucus2000

Ive met Ewan McGregor in Oxford Street on January 14th 1997, he was such a cool man
From: Opium

Obi-wan, he has this amusing attitude and brilliant duel scene in the prequels (not half bad to look at either) and Alec Guiness really does role justice in the OT, he's always been my favorite, along with Vader

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