Before The Phantom Meance
Looking for Jedi Apprentice Fanfiction? Well then, here is where I keep all the JA fanfics. All stories here were written by me but I will soon have a seprete page for other authors JA fanfics. Star Wars belongs to George Lucus. Atrus and a few other characters belong to me. If you wish to post any of these stories on your webpage or use any of my characters, you must  email me first for my permission. I hope you enjoy them!

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To Bring Friends Back Together (a young Obi-wan story)
Atrus and Qui-gon have a argrument and split up. Can Obi-wan bring them back together.
To Meet Your Younger Self (a young Obi and Qui fic)
Something goes wrong and Qui-gon and Obi-wan meet their younger selfves.
To Lose What You Hold Dear
Qui-gon is forced to make the hardest choose of his life.  He might lose what he holds dear.
To Dance with Darkness
Can Obi-wan save his Master from the darkside.
A Gift
What if Qui-gon had a little more time to tell Obi-wan what he wanted to say before he died?
Xanatos's POV
Xanatos needs forgiveness to enter the Force and only Qui-gon can give it to him.
Padawan Memories Series: A New Life
How Qui-gon became a Padawan.
Crazy Days and Wild Nights
Humor Series
I Promise
PG 13

A friend of Qui-gon and Obi-wan's has to save them from a fate worse then death.

I Promise (rewrite)
PG 13

The same, but a few changes.
Time Changes But Friends Stay The Same
AU, Xanatos never turned.
Xanatos comes home to visit an old friend.
Note: Atrus Aidan is not Atrus from my other stories, she is a character from something else.
Redemptions From The Darkest Depths
Obi-wan has been killed and Qui-gon has turned to the dark side. Xanatos shows up.
Minor AU, Xanatos's POV
Xanatos thinks as he dies.
Echoes of Loneliness
Obi-wan must have his Master from a past mistake.
Minor AU, Qui-gon's POV
Qui-gon realizes something almost too late.
Envy of My Heart
AU, Xanatos's POV
Xanatos thinks over leaving his most precious possession in the hands of his worst enemy.
AU, Xanatos's POV
Xanatos becomes Force blind.
AU, Xanatos's son's POV
Xanatos's son reflects on his father's obsession.
Major AU, Dark fic
Don't believe anything.
Forgive Me
AU, Qui-gon's POV
Qui-gon finally chooses between past and future.
My Master and His Mistress
Humor, Silly fic
Qui-gon has an intresting birthday.
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