This is the place where I keep the stories that I wrote as well as a few other stories that other people wrote. Hope you enjoy them and if you have a story that you want here, just send it to me. If I have any broken links, please email me.
Other Writers



You always have friends, no matter what.
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Stories from the Orginal Trilogy
Stories of Anikin and Padme. Between Episodes Two and Three and a little after.
To contact me.
Neon Star
Jedi Apprentice
Obi-wan and Qui-gon Fanfics
Before Jedi Apprentice:
The lives of Padawan Qui-gon and Master Dooku
What SW Characters Complain About
A humorous look on what the SW characters complain about.
Atrus's Journal
This expands long before TPM and maybe after ROTJ. Uncompleted.
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