The Mysterious Cities of Gold
This page is dedicated to The Mysterious Cities of Gold, a wonderful show from the 1980s that was made as the result of a French/Japanese collaboration.  It was dubbed in English and aired on Nickelodeon in the late 80s/early 90s.  Unlike the crazy, slapstick, plotless cartoons of today, this show contained an unbelievable soundtrack, riveting characters, and a magnificent plot.  Find the episodes of this show any way you can (39 in all).  If you're a fan of good animation with a strong plot, then you should be all over this show.
Jared's Fan Fiction
The main purpose of this webpage is to provide some of the best MCoG fan fiction on the web.  It's my intention to study the series and write a sequel (or more) based on what I think would logically follow episode 39.  I'm also including a fan art section, and a links section so that you can see other MCoG webpages.  Have something to contribute?  E-mail me!
Fan Art
MCoG Links
You are explorer number
seeking gold on a mountain trail, high in the Andes.
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Updated April 7th, 2005
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