PHILADELPHIA: Frankford, Germantown, Bristol, and Riegelsville BROOKLYN: Flatbush

ENGLAND: Leicester, Wartnaby, and Bradley Hall, Thornley, Lancashire ENGLAND: Liverpool, Sheffield
WALES: Caernarvon WALES: Haverfordwest, Cardiff
BARRETT: Hudson, Woolery, Evans, Parker, Pauline or Paulin, Taylor
DILWORTH: Armitage, Buzby, Matthews, Nicholson, Potts,Waln, Worrell/Worrall,
EVANS: Mapother, Peoples, Loynd, Cornell, Foulkrod, Webster, Rahn, Buckingham, Gregson
MARVILL/E: Bardsley, Gebhard, Grimm, Jenkins, Jennings, Kephart, Kohl, Lovelidge, Schminke, Sterling, Tyler
WHARTENBY: Colebaugh, Crane, Denison/Dennison, Dungan, Eynon, Greete, Hamilton, Humphries, Meddis, Orton, Steinmetz, Stokes, Welby
BOYLE: none yet
FARRELL: Bath, Gallagher, Hurley, Weiser, Voorhees, Donnelly, Gibbons, Noon, Potts, Weinstein
WOODCOCK: none yet




Marvill: Henry Marvill and his wife Caroline (Booth) Marvill came to America from England sometime around 1850. At least 4 of their children were born in England and the rest were born in the Philadelphia area where they settled. Their oldest children, James, Henry Jr, Caroline and George were born in Leicester (I think). The rest, Shedrick, Joshua, Edwin and Elizabeth were born in Pennsylvania.. By the 1890's, Henry and Caroline Marvill were living on Wayne Av. in Germantown, Pa.. Their son James Marville had moved to Rieglesville, PA, with his wife, Sophia Jane Evans.

Evans: Richard Evans and his wife Jane came from Carnarvonshire, North Wales and settled in Frankford, PA in 1800. Jane Evans was a constituent member of the First Baptist Church of Frankford. They had at least one son, Charles Evans, who married Sarah S. Whartenby. Sarah and Charles had at least six children: John W. Evans, Sophia Jane Evans, Thomas J. Evans, Samuel W. Evans, Charles E. Evans and Mary G. Evans. I'm hoping to locate some of the descendents of these Evans children.

Barrett: Marion Barrett was born in 1879, the daughter of Samuel and Mary Barrett. Her brother Frank Barrett was a well known aquarist in Philadelphia. Her mother, Mary, from Scotland, died when she was very young. Samuel Barrett married again. Marion's step mother was Frederica. With Samuel they had at least 4 more children: Oliver, Elmer, Walter, and Mabel Barrett. Royden Barrett was Marion's nephew. Royden was the son of Frank Barrett and he continued the Aquarium/Pet store in Philadelphia after his father's death. Royden Barrett died in 1965. His wife Emma (Hudson) Barrett died in 1981. Their son, Franklin Penn Barrett, who left behind 4 children, died in 1980 in New Jersey. If you are a Barrett from this family, please contact me.

Woodcock: William James Woodcock was born in 1860 in Liverpool, England. He married Alice Farrell who was the daughter of Alice Boyle and James Farrell both from Ireland. William's parents were James Woodcock and Cecelia. James was a Master mariner. We believe his parents were Lettis and William Woodcock who resided in Haverfordwest, Wales in the 1870's. James is thought to have a brother Thomas Woodcock (possibly living in Cardiff in the 1880s) and two sisters (one named Celia). James' nephew was Reverend Joseph William Woodcock who was born in Wales in 1859 and lived in Sheffield England from at least 1900 to 1939. I am searching for the Reverend's family as well as the family of any other related Woodcocks.

Whartenby or Wartnaby: William Wartnaby came to America around 1710 with his brother Edward. In 1721 William purchased a one hundred tract (of land) from Richard Dillworth in Bristol Township of Philadelphia County. The property is described as beginning in the middle of the road to Grubtown, and adjoining the property of Elizabeth Irwin, John Worrell and Wm Willcox. It also adjoined the property of James Dilworth (Richard Dilworth's brother). The Whartenby family lived here until 1825. John Whartenby, (son of Robert Wartenby and Susanna Crane and the grandson of William), married Sarah Dilworth, granddaughter of James Dillworth. John purchased 26 acres on Grubtown Rd. and New 2nd St., near the property of Singerly Wentz and apparently adjoining the 100 acre tract. John's son, John Whartenby, married Sophia. I'm looking for info on Sarah Dilworth and Sophia______. Please contact me if you have more info about them. Thanks.

Dilworth: I am having trouble finding information on this Dilworth family. The grandfather was James Dilworth. He died in 1792. His wife was Mary. He had at least 4 children: Nathan Dilworth, Rebecca (Dilworth) Armitage, Sarah (Dilworth) Potts, and Elizabeth (Dilworth) Buzby. His granddaughter was Sarah who married John Whartenby. I don't know who her parents were. I believe that her grandfather was the son of James Dilworth and Sarah Worrall, but I don't have the documents to prove it yet. Can you help?

The information on these pages is presented in a variety of charts. DESCENDENCY CHARTS start with the earlies known individual and list all known descendents. FAMILY CHARTS start with a couple and list their children. These have all the information I have on the family members. INDIVIDUAL CHARTS give all the details about a particular inividual, including hobbies, description and other more personal details. I've also included a photo of them when I have one. If you have anything to add, please contact me. For more information about genealogy, check out my LINKS page.


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