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Q: So tell me about yourself

Make your own storTrooperSex: Female 

Age: 20-something

Ethnicity: Chinese  (Race: Human; Nationality: Canadian. Get the terminology?)

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Religious orientation: Agnostic (If you're also an agnostic with an online journal/blog/diary, please join the North American Agnostic Journalers WebRing!)

Personality Type: Compare my description of myself as an INFP with someone else's most insightful description of INFPs in general. (Read also about INFPs here, or Joe Butt's here, or Keirsey homepage's here, or E. Buie's here or personality page.com's here. And here's a bit about learning styles of INFPs.)

Fun Future Project: design an intricate pop-up book for adults. Paper engineering!

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