The US Mogdonazian colonization plan

Mogdonazian Updates
 2000/11/02 Page created.
2000/11/03 Added new layout, added hobby page.
2001/03/13 Updated Journal, updated Mogdonazia link in Links page.
2001/04/22 Added Terrain page.
2001/05/03 Updated Journal.
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2001/12/08 Updated Journal.
2001/12/11 Updated Terrain page, added Board page in terrain section.
2002/02/22 Added Rules page.
2002/03/02 Added Miniatures page.
2002/03/14 Updated Rules page.
2002/07/03 Added Battle Report page and "While I was Strolling Through Belgium" battle report.
2002/07/22 Added Personas page.
2002/11/12 Added "A Bad Turn for Traders" battle report.
2003/01/31 Updated Personas page, added Painting page.
2003/04/22 Added Victoriana page, Monitor Ironclad in Victoriana, "Diamonds For The Sheik" battle report.
2003/07/15 Added Boilerplate - The Mechanical Man in Victoriana.
2003/08/06 Updated Painting page, updated Board page, added Buildings page.
2003/09/13 Corrected Painting page and Personas page.
2003/10/19 Updated Personas page.
2003/10/31 Added GASLIGHT review and Landships of Mogdonazia to the Rules page.
2003/12/23 Updated Painting page and Links page. Battlereport soon...
2004/01/07 Added Second Mexican War campaign, Raid on Yosserburg Creek battle report, and updated Painting page.
2004/02/12 Added Various projects under construction in Victoriana.
2005/01/16 Added Airships in Victoriana, Attack on Fort Broderick battle report, updated Buildings page, Links page, Landships of Mogdonazia, The Breaking of Nations, and Fixed Bay'net an' Uncovered 'Elmet in the Rules page.
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