The US Mogdonazian colonization plan
On simulations and of the many rules that make them up
 The idea of wargaming comes from the childhood games of toy soldiers. And that's just what it is: toy soldiers with sets of rules bases on math and hazard. Wargames have been played since the second quarter of the 19th century, when Prussian officers wanted to recreate the atmosphere of the napoleonic wars. Later on, the famed writer Herbert George Wells wrote a set of simple rules to use with toy soldiers, called "Little Wars".

The Sword And The Flame
This is The set of rules for 28mm Colonial wargaming. TSATF is the rule set that the OMG club uses the most when playing this period, mostly due to the fact that it is simple enough for Beer & Pretzel games (even though neither has actually found its way into the War Museum)and that anyone can whip out a pack of cards (to shuffle through events and units).

This is a generic set of rules set possibly in the Victorian era where anything goes! You could easily refight A Princess of Mars, King Solomon's Mines, or the American Civil War, whatever your interest. There is no real setting imposed here, just the rules. This means that they give you free reign over what you want to do. Uses d20s for most things.

download The Breaking of Nations
This is a set of rules, written by me, meant to emulate 25 mm skirmish actions during the Great War. It can also be used for an alternative or Sci-Fi vision of WWI. The rules have hardly been playtested, so send any comments you have about the game mechanics to me.

download Fixed Bay'net an' Uncovered 'elmet
This is the victorian variant of TBON, also by myself. It is also not complete, but has enough basics (I hope) to play colonial powers and the poor 'eathens. Once again, any feedback would be appreciated.

download Landships of Mogdonazia
A homemade scientific romance add-on for The Sword and The Flame. Rules for building your own landships that should syncronise perfectly with TSATF. Currently only contains rules for land based vehicles, but imagine what tomorrow might bring... And once again, any feedback would be apreciated.
download Vehicle Sheets for Landships of Mogdonazia
Just a simple sheet to write down all the relevant information that your Landship needs. One page has enough for four vehicles.

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