The US Mogdonazian colonization plan
On Miniatures and of The Personas They Represent 

This page is subdivided into three categories (personalities, uniform schemes and miscelaneous projects).

Miniatures are the basis of wargaming. Without these toy soldiers, one would not visualize the actual simulation taking place. The minimum for a wargame are some rules, a flat surface and figures to represent each unit/character. This is best seen in the archetypical wargame, chess.

There is some need in wargaming to represent each unit with good detail and accuracy, even if these units are totally fictional. As miniatures are meant to be painted, one will have to research the details needed for the paint scheme. If it is historical gaming, then the gamer will have to refer to historical documention. Even when a miniature has no historical basis whatsoever, research is still needed.

The Many Personalities Implied in these Adventures.
Or simply put, a brief biography of each of these illustrious and infamous characters.

Paintings and Photographs of Soldiers and Savages.
Or what our miniatures look like, and how to differentiate between them.

On The Dreams and Machina Obscura That are Victoriana
Of vehicles, machines, places and other ideas pertaining to the scientific romance.

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