The US Mogdonazian colonization plan
Links: From Mogdonazia To The World
 Jack Bell's Fort Orat My personal web site.
My DeviantArt gallery
Super-Science Land Vehicles of the Gear Krieg Universe A database of Dream Pod 9's Pulp WWII setting.

Wargaming links:
Major General Tremorden Rederring's colonial era wargamming page. This is the site that started it all for colonial wargaming.
Mogdonazia campaign The official site of the campaign. (Currently unavailable)
Ottawa Miniature Gamers The historical wargamming club that I belong to.
The Miniatures Page One of the best online magazines for wargaming from rules to miniatures.
The Foundry Their Darkest Africa range is fantastic.
The Universal General Historical artifacts, 60's wargames material from Tony Bath, tons of miniatures on display.
G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. Official site of the zany Victorian Sci-Fi game, GASLIGHT!
Sir Rand McNally's Colonial Page NWMP, Tai Ping Rebellion, and things that one should not talk about... And he's also based out of Ottawa region.
The Republic of Lower California An Aeronef fan page set in the Republic of Sonora.
Wessex Games The company that brought us Aeronef and Voyages Extraordinaires.
Parroom Station VSF miniatures from the Martian Campaign of 1885.
Flagship Games Makers of games that use a lot of exclamation marks (because they're fun).
Frothers Unite An anarchic online forum for wargamers that includes lenghty and colourful reviews of rules, miniatures, and alternatives to the ones that are too pricey.

References links:
Robots of the Victorian Era From the original Steam Man to Boilerplate...
The Harry Turtledove website A favorite among Alternate History writers.

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