The US Mogdonazian colonization plan
The eccentric hobby that is wargaming
 The idea of wargaming comes from the childhood games of toy soldiers. And that's just what it is: toy soldiers with sets of rules bases on math and hazard. Wargames have been played since the second quarter of the 19th century, when Prussian officers wanted to recreate the atmosphere of the napoleonic wars. Later on, the famed writer Herbert George Wells wrote a set of simple rules to use with toy soldiers, called "Little Wars".
Foundry minis The type of wargaming here is 25mm colonial. That is, the miniatures are at a scale of 25mm (thus one miniature representing a man is 25mm high) and the time period is the victorian colonial era. This means that you will likely not see greek hopitles or space marines.
My objectives for the moment are to post graphical information of period troops (first up are the US marines), of the main characters in the campaign (Only the US for now, though there are other countries), and of the terrain that I have managed to build so far. As I progress, there will be additional material available.

On Miniatures and of The Personas They Represent
This being a page devouted entirely to the miniature figurines. It contains information on the different brands available, of the color schemes used by the models, and of the different characters (Officers, explorers and the like!) that exist within the campaign.

On Terrain and Buildings and of The Ways in which They were Constructed
This being a page devouted entirely to the crafts and excentricities related to building scenery that is both cheap and durable.

On simulations and of the many rules that make them up
This being a page devouted entirely to the many rulesets availible for recreating warfare in the victorian and edwardian ages.

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