The US Mogdonazian colonization plan
While I was strolling through Belgium

Itís 1940. A period known to many as La Drole de Guerre (The Silly War).

Itís somewhere near the Belgian-German border.

Feldwebel Offembauhm and his men have the duty of escorting a truck with a special delivery to the front. Somehow they make a wrong turn and run into an English patrol.

As Feldwebel Offembauhm and his men peacefully ride through the belgian countryside, Hanz warns the group that there are British ahead. The squad immediately fires and misses (you would too at the speed they were going at).

Meanwhile, the english bicycle patrol stops before the stream, believing that it has defensive value. Sergant Lippincot orders his men to fire at will. Spectacularly, one of the Jerries riding on is hit smack in the head, and falls of his comrades motorcycle.

Seeing that the situation was getting hot, Feldwebel Offembauhm orders the convoy to halt, then yells at his men to kill der englishsvines. Immediately one englishsvine falls dead.

The British ripost and manage to hit each motorcyclist, but unfortunatly, the Nazis can still use their Mausers. Effectivly, Two valiant soldiers of the king fall down, but steadily rise again despite their wounds. Sergant Lippincot decides that has had enough and downs the offending fascist bastards, managing to down the Feldwebel.

Suddenly, Hanz does not feel so brave anymore, but still shakingly tries to uses his Mauser. But then the driver of the lorry decides to join the fight. Hanz is delighted, for this driver is none other than:

An Ubermench!

The British are agast when they see the metallic monstrocity gun down two of their ranks, especially as Sergant Lippincot has fallen. With despair they shoot at their foes, gunning down the last motorcyclist. But the bullets bounce off the Ubermenchís armour.

In desperation, Private Wilkins tugs at a grenade and sends it flying under the Ubermenchís feet. The steel manís armour shows itself useles now as he limps down, his armour scattering.

Notes: As a playtest of both the basics and the vehicle rules, the game went well, but was rather quick. The vehicle speeds were far too fast, since a bike in gear 3 covered the board in one turn. Also the Ubermench was hardly any tougher than the other units. In fact it was weaker with only one wound (vehicles benefit of having at least 2)!

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