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Hello and welcome to our web site. This site features cars that we have owned past and present and will cover our ongoing projects, there are pictures in the gallery. We have got a forum page so if you have any questions etc... about anything you see on here or if you have any technical questions post them there for others to see as well, there is also a classified's section that you can post your own adverts on.

Unfortunatly we had to sell our Mini Turbo in 2002 due to lack of room etc...etc....

We have now got a nice sized workshop and have started to tinker again, after alot of persuation i finaly managed to get our old Mini Estate off of my grandad and have decided to turbo and do alot of engine mods to it but i am going to be doing it with the element of surprise, i want to leave it looking as standard as possible on the outside and interior, a wolf in sheeps clothing. I should start to post some pictures in the gallery soon.

We have also now got a new shell for Lucy's Mini, again we have decided to turbo it but it's only going to be a standard turbo engine as she wants reliability.

I am also doing private work (evenings and weekends) on Mini's so if anyone needs any work doing on their Mini from welding to full body restoration, roof chops, shortening, MOT failures, engine rebuilds etc... send us an e-mail, i would be happy to give you a very competative quote.

We are based in Southend, Essex.

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