MARK GALLEAR'S GAME DESIGN PAGE, Computer game design issues, including why people play games, what makes a good game and the game development process.  A history of game genres.  Design issues such as using real-time or turn based movement systems.

This guide attempts to give insights into what makes a great computer game. It is not about programming games but concerns itself with design issues. It includes sections on the development of different game genres. This looks at how seminal games in each genre have added to it or taken it in a new direction. Design issues such as using real-time or turn based systems are examined in depth.

Even if you are just interested in playing games, you will hopefully find it interesting and give you some idea of what to look for in a great game.

NEW The web site has at last undergone a long deserved face lift. The Adventure and CRPG Genres have had their content redone and are now formatted in CSS. Mod Corner forms a new section on mod making for the CM series of wargames.



Real Time Vs Turn-Based


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