Welcome to the bead making process!

This is where we will explain how we make my beads that we use to create our jewelry.
You will see the steps below, as well as some sample jewelry and accents we use with the jewelry.
Click on any of the images to get a larger view.
The process starts out with rolls of copper that are cut into pieces. The pieces are then heated with a torch at a temperature of 2400 degrees. Then, the heated copper is dipped in a powder substance called flux, then heated again. We then dip the copper into crushed, colored glass and reheat. This step is repeated until the copper is completely covered in the glass and is a good shape. This is all done one bead at a time.
The necklaces, bracelets and anklets are placed on colored cords that are closed with a slip knot, so they are fully adjustable. We also use rubberized cording and macrame
Earrings are all placed on a sterling silver setting, whether it's a hoop, post, hook, lever back or clip on.
We will gladly customize jewelry to your specifications using charms, pendants, bead color and cord color. We use Ebay as our marketplace. We will be more than happy to place any order on Ebay with the "buy it now" option.

Feel free to Contact MM Beads with any questions or orders.

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