True Pet Stories
We love to share stories about our pets, funny, happy, sad and foolish!
Here we can put their photos and stories together.

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Conaign and Big Ginger
Some of our favourite messages
From Kerry
No 2.
Georgie  Girl and rocky
No 294
Texan Emu Roundup
No 254 (from Gere)
Hey Girlfriends!
From Vera
No 4.
Conaign and the kangaroo
No 116.
Dogs and socks
No 172
The Puppy and the shoes
From Debbie
No 6.
Barney the Mourner
No 8
Spook and the monster
No 46
The Final word
No 74
Creating a Monster
No  147
Patch and the Toads
No.257 The Nursemaid
From   Rose
No 184
Don't shoot the dog
No 185
God and the Dog
From Marylandnaturegirl
No 97
An early Christmas  present
No 271 Set a Place for Your Pooch
From Sandy
No 122
Cindy's Pie
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From jjmamabear
No 264
Lovey - an inspiring rescue story
The Sparkle Gang
From dale_sam
No 361
The Olive.
Sapphire and Snowflake -
Just some of Rose's Fur family....
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Here is a cool hint from Debbie  - you know how much your dog hates having his ears washed? Remember that the first time you do it, it is because he has sore ears! Be patient, give him treats and with time, he will be fine!
Here is Laura's Spencer, the most perfect friend!
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