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elcome to a world of mathematics amusements, puzzles, brain teasers, a problem of the week, biographies, Fibonacci, Pascal, math humor, number theory, tesselations, and other assorted odds and ends including some serious mathematics. You will also find a variety of reference materials including math tables and several calculators including one that will calculate to thousands of decimal places. There is also a calculator that will add, subtract, multiply and divide mixed numbers written as 4 2/7.
e sure to check out the Fibonacci and pascal pages with all their links. Also the reference pages contain much information about math that is very useful.
The calculator you can download below contains a lot of number theory functions that will allow you to compute all the normal math functions and in addition allows you to find triangle and Fibonacci numbers and find entries in Pascal's Triangle, all very easily. It may be downloaded for free although a nominal registration fee will help support this site.
The links page will lead you to many other sites containing biographies of thousands of mathematicians, info about Fibonacci, the golden ratio, Pascal's Triangle and a wealth of other information.

We hope you enjoy your visit here!

Shareware Math Program

Here is the latest development from Mr. Miller. It is available for download as an alpha version. It is currently far from finished and undergoes almost weekly updates. Mr. Miller currently uses it in the classroom as a teaching and learning tool. It contains tutorials, quizes, reference material, games and much more. The download is zipped, simply put it in a directory of your choice, unzip it and run it directly from that directory. No fancy installation is needed. Enjoy it. Any feedback on the program will aid in further development and will be greatly appreciated. It is freeware in it's current release although donations are not refused. UPDATED 4 April 2002
Download MathWonderland.

Here is a simple calculator for your use.
Check out the downloadable shareware calculators which are far better. There is also additional shareware available.
You may also download from an alternate site.

The first site contains shareware written in Visual Basic and includes an install routine. The alternate site contains shareware written in Delphi and comes as simple executables that may be run as is.

Miller's Marvelous Calculator
Copyright 1999 by D. A. Miller

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Logo is a nice language for introducing angles, geometric figures and a general ability at problem solving. A very nice Public Domain version is available below. It contains the language program and extensive documentation. The zip file is about 1.3 megabytes. When downloaded, unzip it and run the unzipped executable. It will install the program for you.
Download MSW logo.

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