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Welcome to this new Van Fanel shrine on the net!!! I hope you enjoy roaming around this page and to always keep on coming back. Anyway, like what I said on my first sentence, this is a shrine to Van Fanel, the fifteen year old king of one of the most beautiful countries in planet Gaea. Now, go on and download everyting! Just remember to acknowledge this page when you use the stuff from this page to yours. That's all.

Just a bit of information. I picked up my page's title from The Vision of Escaflowne OST 1 - Over the Sky album. I actually loved the song so much that I was inspired to name this page White Dove. I recommend you this song. It's really, really nice. It isn't like any ordinary anime song. And anyway, it's the only song in the album which is sung in English. If you want to get the mp3, go to the multimedia section.



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