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Come on In and see what we are all about.
He is so nice, he stacks himself.

Hisown Tibetan Spaniels AKC Puppies, Teens, Adults occasionally. 20 years dog showing and breeding experience, 17 years with Tibetan Spaniels. To go to another page just click on the underline Page titles.


Tibetan Spaniels Puppies are Available to approved homes:720-220-2703 or email me at:  hisowntibbiesrfirst@yahoo.com  or michelle.r.bustamante@usps.gov All of my little loves are AKC registered and raised in my home. I have 20 years of show experience.  All of my little tibbies have vaccines current, leash trained, spayed or neutered before they leave my home unless other arrangements are made.  Stud service available to approved TSCA bitches.

Punkin takes the ring and the ribbons.


Our tibbies are raised in our home with one on one attention and love.  We socialize and train our puppies.  Also leash train and create train them.  If you decide to and are able to get a puppy from us we give you a health guarentee with each one and a three generation pedigree.  Only get your puppy from a reputable breeder who is a member in good standing with Tibetan Spaniels of Amercia.

Thanks for dropping by and visiting with us and
 my little tibbies. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in knowing more about 
Tibetan Spaniels!

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Here are just a few of our little tibbies and some other people who love them as much as we do.  Some of our tibbies live with other people as you can see.
If you decide you would talk to us about one of our little loves. Please feel free hisowntibbiesr1st@yahoo.com
Or contact me at 720-220-2703 and if I can not help you find a puppy I will try to find you a breeder. Always use a breeder who is a memeber of the Tibetan Spaniel Club of America.

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