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Eien Wo Ai Ni... - A Tamahome and Miaka Shrine ver. 2.0

*Finally* updated: July 29, 2002

Konnichiwa, minna! And welcome to the newest version of Eien Wo Ai Ni! ^-^

I got bored with the other layout (blah, pagebuilder stinks -.-'), so I decided that since I'm teaching myself HTML, I might as well use it, ne? lol
I'm *so* sorry it took me *forever* to update! ;_; I've been so busy with school, and I had Japanese to take care of, then my job, and then Driver's Ed... and... Oy... O_o;; So as you can see... I've been a *very* busy person ^-^

So *anyway*!! About the site... it's gonna take me a while to bring everything back to its normal order... so please; ^-^ onegai shimasu; be patient as I revamp! (YAY!! Revamping is fun!! *^^* :::claps:::) SO... part of this site is also going to be my personal/collective. (I got bored with my collective too heh ^^;;)

So please enjoy the site...! (what's up at least heh ^^;) I'm thinking of adding a cosplay section. So if you have any pics, please send! E-mail me! But if you do, please put in the subject "Cosplay pics" or "FY cosplay", otherwise I might delete it! (I've been getting a lota spam lately -_-;;;)
So thank you! And enjoy your stay! ^-^ :::bows:::

-Miaka Yuuki Sukunami / Tamanomi

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