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The key to Alex's well being is the vigilant care and the extraordinary love that is given to Alex by his medical staff, teachers, friends, family and most especially his parents. Although Alex has experienced more setbacks than he would care to remember, he remains the sweet earthly angel that was sent to us to teach us all the true meaning of love.
By supporting the Friends of Alexander Deihl your care and concern is lovingly demonstrated. With your contributions, we continue to purchase equipment such as ramps, wheelchair accessories, computers and adaptive bicycles to name a few. You have assisted children and their families with the prohibitive costs of prolonged hospital stays. Your help has lightened the burden of grieving families.
On behalf of all of them we offer our deepest gratitude.
Friends of Alexander Deihl Committee

The "Friends of Alexander Deihl" is a non-profit organization
established to help children and their families who have been
affected by a crippling disorder or are terminally ill.
This organization is approved by the
Internal Revenue Service as a non profit
organization and is a member participant of the
Southeastern Pennsylvania United Way.
Our donor number is #10128.

The organization was named to honor Alexander Deihl,
who is suffering from a disorder called Menkes Disease.
Alex was born in 1992 and suffers from the rare
neurodegenerative disease for which there is no
known cure. Children affected with this disease
rarely reach their fourth birthday.

Our goal is to assist Alex's friends throughout
the world who have special needs and have
limited funding for things such as special chairs,
car seats, exercise equipment, bath lifts,
computers for the blind, ramps, or even toys that are
improvised for use for the disabled. These items are all
very expensive, but extremely necessary.

If you are employed with a company
who participates in the United Way,
please consider directing your donation to
Friends of Alexander Deihl #10128
and ask your friends to do the same.
Any amount donated is welcomed and appreciated.
Thank You

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