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List of correspondants by country


          Argentina          Australia         Austria            Bangladesh

         Belarus              Belgium           Brazil              Bulgaria

         Canada             Chile                China              Croatia

         Czech Republic  Denmark          El Salvador      Egypt

         Estonia              France              Georgia           Germany 

         Greece               Hungary          India               Indonesia

         Iran                  Iraq                 IsraŽl               Italy

         Japan                Latvia              Lithuania        Macedonia

         Malaysia            Malta               Mexico             Nepal

         Netherlands       New Zealand    Norway            Pakistan

         Panama             Peru                  Philippines      Poland

         Portugal            Romania          Russia                Singapore

        Slovenia            South Africa      Spain              Sri Lanka

          Sweden              Switzerland       Taiwan            Tanzania

       Turkey               Ukraine             U.A.E.               U.K.

      U.S.A.                 Venezuela          Vietnam


12 new stamp pals added 02/08/18 (see updates)

                            Updates since 01/12/07


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Which of these countries prints, in general, the most beautiful stamps? 46% says Sao Tome E Principe.



If you want to be added to the list of correspondants please e-mail me ( with this in:



Gender: male or female

E-mail address:

Mail address: Right it cleary with the name of the country you are from

Comments: Include in this section what you have to offer and what you want. You can also add what kind of stamps you collect, etc...



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