Name: Mehmet Keskin

Age: 46

Gender: Male

E-mail address: keskinmeh@hotmail.com

Mail address:  

ORGANIZE SANAYI BOLGE                                                         MUDURLUGU-GURLEK

Comments: I have a lot of Turkish and NorthernCypris mint & used stamps and Turkish Phonecards-Postcards.

               Send me 150-200 used and mint stamps of your country Than I will send you 150-200 used and mint Turkish and TurkCyprus stamps.


Name: Sedat Comunoglu

Age: 42

Gender: Male

E-mail address: sedat@analiz.net or scomunoglu@yahoo.com

Mail address:  

Sedat Comunoglu

Gelibolu Primary School


Mersin 10


Comments: I collect mint stamps of Europa series. I offer to exchange or sell Turkish Cyprus mint or used series. I have old series at present. I can obtain all series if quoted specific number and name.


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