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Name: Judy West

Age: x

Gender: Female

E-mail address:

Mail address: 

Judy West

6a Brierley Place

Westown, New Plymouth

New Zealand 4106

Comments: Intending exchanges, please email for my collection info and want lists from countries. I collect 65 countries and lots of thematic. I don't collect South Africa and South American. Iraq is only U.A.E. that I want. I can trade New Zealand, Australia, 50 only Australia Antartic Terr., 50 Papua New Guinea, lots of spare world wide. Prefer 200 at a time because of the postage. Can exchange kiloware of N.Z. or Australia.


Name: Rodger Cox

Age: x

Gender: Male

E-mail address:

Mail address: x

Comments: I exchange New Zealand stamps for Scout stamps and FDC's, MS plus any items of interest. Also require items of interest of Walt Disney, including MS and FDC's. My web page can be viewed at


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