Name: Mohammed Dhia Taha Al-Shirwani

Age: 38

Gender: Male

E-mail address:

Mail address: 

Mohammed Dhia Taha Al-Shirwani

PO. Box 55220

Baghdad Post Office

Baghdad, Iraq

Comments: Collect: German, Scandinavia, France, Greece, Swiss and Austria in mint condition according to my want lists. Offer: Iraqi mint and used issues as to your want lists, FDC, New issues service and others. Visit my website for more information:


Name: Saad Aziz Syhood

Age: 32

Gender: Male

E-mail address:

Mail address: 

Saad Aziz Syhood
Central Post Office
P.O. Box 55390
Baghdad - IRAQ

Comments: Collect: Mint full sets stamps & its S/S, also UNC Banknotes, I am advance collector & a part time dealer. And you can get all the necessary information about me from my site below my name:


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