Name: Jing He

Age: Secret

Gender: Female

E-mail address:

Mail address: 

Jing He


No.2 Nan Wei Lu

Beijing, 100050


Comments: Offer: used China and Japan. Want: used stamps from your country especially from Europe and Asia. Others: preferring 100:100 for each time. Please e-mail first.


Name: Zhang Guo Qing

Age: x

Gender: male

E-mail address:

Mail address: 

Zhang Guo Qing


Xiao Mu Qiao Road

Shanghai 200032


Comments: I am a Chinese collector. I collect: various topic stamps, postage paid postcards, postage paid envelopes, maximumcards, FDC(the best is by real post),coins, banknotes, etc. I want exchange something with you. I can offer the followings: P.R.China stamps, postage paid postcards, postage paid envelopes maximumcards, FDC, coins, banknotes Used phonecards, etc. Some Hongkong and Macau stamps .Some world wide topic stamps, FDC, maximumcard.

I want the followings:

I want the new  issue 2000-2001 stamps and S/S world wide. Used stamps world wide.(the best is nearly 2001),postage paid postcards (with face value, topic, but on them no stamp), postage paid envelopes (with face value ,topic, but on them no stamp),maximumcards, with topic postmark FDC.

Mint set stamps and postage paid postcards ,envelopes, maximumcards, FDC about the followings topic: bridge, building, sport, football, table-tennis, bicycle, Olympic games, music, musican, Nobel, writer, film, red-cross, No-smoking, flag, map, animal, bird, butterfly space, plane, train, ship, the second world war, the famous person in the world, Animal-of-the-year, Antarctica, astromavigation, flower, U.P.U, Europa.

I also mint banknotes, coins, various visit ticket, etc. I hope exchange many and long time with you.

Please tell me exchange condition and requirment.


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