Below are some other Xena sites worth checking out.

Angie's Cure for X.W.S. (Xena Withdrawal Syndrome) - Xena Montage Site

The Atheneaum - Huge Xena Fanfic Archive and Directory

The Warrior's Hut - A Multimedia Xena site with Convention Info, News, The Spilled Ink Monthly Montage contest and my favorite the Bleached Parchment fanfic archieve.

Xena Online Resources - An extensive index site for all things Xena.

Xena Subtext Virtual Seasons - Site with Virtual episodes picking right up where the show left off.  Currently in the middle of season 9.

Xena: The Shipper Seasons - Another virtual seasons site, but these episodes are Shipper focused.

Ever miss the old forum days?  Are you a recent Xenite who never experienced posting about our favorite heroine?  Visit Xena Online Community @ Who knows, you might run into me there?



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