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Alternate Fanfic   

And Baby Makes Three - Gabrielle deals with Xena's pregnancy.  Takes place right after "Animal Attraction". (6KB)

Confessions - Gabrielle admits that her relationship with the warrior is not where she wants it to be. (8KB)

King of Hearts - Autolycus tries to gain Xena's affections.  Takes place after "A Tale of Two Muses". (13KB)

Seven Month Itch - Gabrielle and Xena have been together for seven blissful months.  Gabrielle finds a creative way to keep Xena from getting bored with the relationship. (99KB)  Warning for explicit sexual content.

The Bathing Chamber - Gabrielle helps an innocent Xena deal with the aftermath of Ares' visit.  Takes place during "Chakram".  (12KB)  Warning for explicit sexual content.

The Path You Were Meant to Be On -- Gabrielle is given a choice by the godss to never follow after Xena.  Will she take it?  (38KB)

Walking in the Woods - Gabrielle discovers her feelings for Xena a little too late.  Will Gabrielle win Xena's heart in spite of Xena's new love interest?  (143KB)  Warning for explicit sexual content.


Shipper Fanfic:       

Midnight Visits - Unknown to her, Xena is regularly visited by her old nemesis.  Relates to the episode "Succession". (6KB)

Passions of a god - Ares deals with his feelings after he discovers that Xena is pregnant.  (10KB)

Unveiled or Seven Days - Aphrodite takes pity on her brother and takes a direct role in making things come together between Xena and Ares. (88KB)





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