The forums have been moved to a more secure site using the latest version of phpbb which has all the security updates.
They are located here. I have also started posting the Sliders fan fic on the forums in the Sliders Fan Fic section. You need to register to read them.

I am starting to get things together here at Majestic Downloads. I got new banners and a new forum. I am also in the progress of writing a Sliders fan fiction. Stay tunned for more information.

The new forums are up.
Go here to join.

Well I have decided to re-do Majestic Downloads once again. It will be returning to a SCI-FI website, due to the Mirror Wars mods being placed elsewhere. So this site will be having Sliders, Andromeda, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek and all the other popular sci-fi shows here once again. I am also working on getting a forum up and running too.

Any questions, problems or comments then feel free toPM me at
Majestic Downloads Forums

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