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The old Moulmein pagoda
In the footsteps of Kipling's lovesick soldier
Checkpoint Charlies
On the road to Mandalay

Faces in the crowd
The reminders of Pol Pot's genocide in Phnom Penh

Half a world away
The Peruvian bus connection
The past is a foreign country
Handover hangovers in Hong Kong

Treasure Island
The island of Fidel Castro's youth

Famous for fifteen minutes
Laos emerges from the morning mists
On the buses*
No one immerses themselves voluntarily in the Mekong

Happy campers
The Genghis Khan spirit, as not seen from a Russian van

A carry-on up the Khyber
A dodgy day out with Papa of Peshawar

Slowly but surely the Alps appeared
The slow lane to the mountains

Of mice and human fish
Or so the locals would have you believe

A close encounter
Sometimes the journey is not as important as the destination

Blessed by the boy-Buddha
Karmapa'n see me some time (sorry!)
The "Friendship" Highway
The long and winding road to Nepal

Trans-Siberian railway
Beer saves Danish bacon*
International diplomacy on the Sino-Mongolian border

United Kingdom
Afternoon of the living dead
With friends like these, we all need cemeteries (sorry again!)

The other side of Vietnam
Chasing the tourist dollar in the land of nine dragons

A dog's dinner
...and you should see what's for dessert
Telling tales*
The truth is out there...
The hippie trail*
How to follow in the sandal-steps of your parents
Click here for photos of Mali.
Sisters at the Naadam festival, Ulaan Batur, Mongolia
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* means previously published
(see specific article for details)
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Near Peshawar, Pakistan
Mrauk-U, Burma
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