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This is a pictorial tribute to my Bengal Cat family.
Bengal Cats are a cross between an Asian Leopard Cat and a Domestic Short Hair.
They are intelligent, very energetic, often like to play in water and they develop strong bonds with their owners.
For more detailed information on the history of the breed and to locate breeders go to
The International Bengal Cat Society.
Our first Bengal was " Kimba ".
Kimba is many generations removed from the Asian Leopard Cat.
He was an absolute lover right from the start.
He has a soft, velvety coat which is also glittered as if sprinkled with gold dust. This is a trait many Bengals possess.
Kimba loves to drink his water from the running faucet and it does not bother him at all that in the process it also runs down his head, his neck, and splashes on his legs and feet!
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Of course, one Bengal is never enough, so next came brothers "Starbuck" and "Sundance".
Only two generations removed from the Asian Leopard Cat, they closely resemble their ancestors with their incredible facial markings and wonderful coat patterns.
They are full of boundless energy, forever stalking and chasing "prey", and never pass on an opportunity to play.
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One "problem" with Bengal cats is that they come in such a variety of colors and patterns that one always seems to be more breathtaking than the other, and you just can't help adding one more, and one more.......
"Keesha" was the next member of our family and the only girl.
Keesha is what is called a " Marble "
Bengal. Her coat pattern will develop more and more as she grows and will be even more breath-taking when she is  fully matured.
She is glittered from head to toe and has the softest, silkiest fur.
But best of all is her wonderful personality !!
She is such a joy to have around !
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And finally, the last and most special of my Bengal Cat family is "Azizi".
Azizi is the Swahili meaning for "rare, precious  treasure", and THAT he certainly is.
The son of an Asian Leopard Cat father and a Bengal mother he is to me the "ultimate" cat.
He has the exotic look of his father and the wonderful, loving temperament of his mother.
He is my soul mate!!
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