From a near medium close shot, the bottom frameline only slightly below her shoulder, superimpose a cut to an in profile reverse angle from that same distance and then reverse screen direction, superimposing to a second profile shot of her facing the right frameline of the screen rather than the left.Superimpose every subsequent repositioning of the camera during the scene.Cut with the camera to postpone superimposing.

Her blouse is apparently unbuttoned, but it is as yet uncertain whether it is unbuttoned to the waist.It is either the latter part of the morning or early afternoon.

There are no subsegments in this particular segment.Neither are there any abstract shots,nor images out of context.There is no use of ellipsis. Early in the film, there is a shot during which there actress leaves the frame,it then briefly being empty before the camera,without superimposing,cuts to another close shot of her;later,as the scene is about to conclude ,there is a series of shot reverse shots,each of the four shots being comparatively of length,their alternating between a diagnalled,three quarter profile shot and an over the shoulder shot during both which she is the only one in the room,and between which there is no use of superimposure. The shot counter shot series is then repeated shortly thereafter in order to slowly pan down to her knees during the second over the shoulder shot and to reiterate that she is presently alone in the room. Reframe shots without superimposing.

There are also no superimposures used before the beginning of the scene,which is preceded by a horizontal tracking shot and the establishing shots which begin the title sequence,and by the first scene of the film,which is only alluded to, it having taken place in an adjoining bedroom.In an equating of scene with sequence,the camera has seperated both scenes,placing them as being adjacent.There are no cut in shots of what is happening in the bedroom while she is in the next room,the camera continuous in its filming her position. The shots preceding the title sequence,during which there are no characters included,can be moved and interpolated into the continuity of the film if need be.

Within the design of the film, the close shot and reverse angle are toward the middle of the scene in regard to its legnth,her having already entered the room and having begun crossing toward the center of the set.

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