Q: Why is it called the Peoples Republic of China when China is not a republic?
A: Thanks to bond_james for submitting this question. I admit that I didn't even know that it was called the Peoples Republic of China. I've done a bit of research but really, i'm not in a position to say why the chinese government (or any other govenment for that matter) does anything. The best answer i could probably give is that politicians are stupid, but I'll go one step further and see if i can work out some possible reasons. It is possible that although China is run by a communist party it may not consider itself to be a communist nation. According to wikipedia "In a republic the governments political power depends soley on the consent, however nominal, of the people governed." so it is possible that the goverment thinks that the people not revolting is the same as them giving consent. This is realy the basis for all political thinking. Alternately, it might be a lie designed to make them more western-friendly.
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