i am in love with words.

updates 01/12/04: added 01/12/04 to
is it better to have lost?
[love letters]
updates 12/19/03: added records of lucidity
[an ongoing account of my dreams]
accompanied by cool new papa legba graphic:

updates 12/08/03: added my lady loves me
and last sonnet for chrystol,
new sonnets, to the poems.
updates 12/02/03: added the initiation of plato,
a work of historical fiction, to art
[a must-read for magicians].
updates 11/21/03: added graphical chrys to cupid,
put comments on the blog.
find any errors, let me know.

all future rants will be on the blog. i swear i will get paid hosting and have all of this worked out shortly, but until then, this is the best i can come up with.
nothing is true; everything is permitted.
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[a work of truth and fictions]

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