MSP430F11x1 DIL module

Having come across a sample MSP430F1101 chip in the SSOP package that I'd mislaid, I thought I'd update a little DIL module PCB for it that I designed some time ago.

Here is the schematic:

Here is the PCB layout:

The PCB is single-sided, just over 1" square, and is designed for easy fabrication at home. It has 20 pins, corresponding to the pins on the chip, and they are 0.8" apart. Pads for either a 32 kHz watch crystal or a ceramic resonator (mounted underneath) are provided. There is no header for the JTAG FET; this must be provided on the main target system board and connected to the appropriate module pins.

The brown line running across the four pads on the lower right of the PCB is an insulated wire link connecting the two outer pads.

The PCB may be used with either the MSP430F11x1 or the MSP430F11x devices.

With its small size, very low cost, up to 8 MIPS processing power, minimal power requirements and low RF emissions, the module is suitable for many embedded system designs. It is particularly suited to low-power amateur radio applications.

I can supply these modules assembled and tested if there is sufficient interest. They would be redesigned - double-sided with PTH - and professionally made. Please contact me if you are interested.

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