LFH Associates - Custom Electronics Design Services

Services offered:

A client needed a tunable digital sine wave generator for a prototype ultrasonic system: a range of 17 kHz to 23 kHz with 1 Hz resolution controlled by up and down push buttons was required. Within three working days I had designed his system based on an Atmel AVR micro-controller and 8-bit DAC, designed and made a small single-sided PCB, assembled and tested the hardware, developed the software, and sent him the unit for testing.

Equipment includes:
two Marconi 2019A signal generators
Tektronix 2235 100 MHz oscilloscope
Taig lathe with milling attachment
Atmel AVR ICE200
Microchip ICD 2 debugger/programmer
Metcal soldering stations
PCB prototyping facility
Stereo microscope

Software includes:
Pulsonix design suite including Schematic Capture, PCB design, Spice simulator and Autorouting
Xilinx WebPack
Altera Quartus
Atmel AVR Studio
Microchip MPLAB

Development hardware includes:
Gumstix PXA255 system
dsPICdem 1.1
PIC24F Explorer
ADI Blackfin kit
ADI Blackfin STAMP board
Xilinx Spartan 3 kit

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