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We're in our 11th and final home schooling year.

This site is meant to provide you with a glimpse into our home educating experiences. I am inspired by, and use to some extent, the: "Charlotte Mason,"   "Classical " and literature-based methods in educating our children for eternity.   For the past nine years I have tried different approaches  with various curricula but I keep coming back to a blend of these three styles--and I pull from all sorts of resources to help me plant the seeds for love of learning.

I still have one "middle schooler" at home, and two in the public school system in our home town.  Although they seem to be doing okay,  I remain committed to being a primary educator of our children and pray constantly for the Lord's help in guiding them through these formative years, whether they are at home, or being taught by someone else. It is my hope that some of my samples, tips, experiences, and pitfalls mentioned here help you in your own efforts to home school your loved ones.  You're welcome to  check back as I hope to  update this site with my successes and failures  on this  journey of learning and life.  If you have something you've tried and you would like to suggest it, please email me. I would love to hear from you.  (be sure to put Eclectic Home Schooler in the heading).

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