Hulk Comics

The Incredible Guest Star

In addition to the Hulk's own monthly Marvel comic, he has made many appearances in other titles.
Here is a brief gallery of some of the other Marvel comics and related print that have guest-starred the various incarnations of the mighty Hulk over the years...

The Adventures of the X Men 1
(Apr 96)

The Amazing Spiderman #328
(Jan 90)

The Amazing Spiderman #381
(Sep 93)

The Amazing Spiderman #382
(Oct 93)

Cage #10
(Jan 93)

Captain America #257
(May 81)

Deadpool #4
(Apr 97)

The Eternals #15
(Sep 77)

The Incredible Hulk Versus
Quasimodo #1 (Nov 82)
This one shot is an adaption from the 1982 Incredible Hulk cartoon episode: "When Monsters Meet".

Fantastic Four #320
(Nov 88)

Fantastic Four #348
(Apr 90)

Iron Man #247
(Oct 89)

Marvel Fanfare #7
(Mar 83)

Questprobe #1
(Aug 84)

This comic was released as an adaption and to promote the Questprobe series of Marvel hero computer adventure games in the mid 1980's. Spiderman and the Fantastic Four were also released. You can view some screen captures from the Hulk game in the Gamma Gallery. A big thank you goes out to Ray for his help in tracking down this game!

The Sensational She-Hulk #57
(Nov 93)

Incredible Hulk - Project Hide

This comic was released as part of the Marvel Kids series. The story features an interactive adventure, puzzles and games. Officially titled: Incredible Hulk - Project Hide, this edition was released in conjuction with Australian McDonalds Happy Meals in late 1998.

The cover of Incredible Hulk - Project Hide.

A panel from the comic.

A checklist of what to feed the Hulk!

Transformation Scenes

Undoubtedly one of the great features of Incredible Hulk comics is the dramatic transformation scenes. Here is a gallery of some of these extraordinary occurances...

Incredible Hulk #103 - May 1968 Artist(s): Marie Severin

Incredible Hulk #145 - Nov 1971 Artist(s): Herb Trimpe

Incredible Hulk #277 - Nov 1982 Artist(s): Sal Buscema

Incredible Hulk #295 - May 1984 Artist(s): Sal Buscema & Danny Bulanadi

Incredible Hulk #311 - Sept 1985 Artist(s): Mike Mignola & Gerry Talaoc

Advertisements Starring The Incredible Hulk

Advertising: Devices designed to attract public attention, inducing them to buy.

Well considering I can't buy Chef Boyardee or Cap'n Crunch all the way down here in Australia, the ads in my comics featuring the Hulk are always just more Hulk for my dollar.

Here are some ads that featured the Hulk over the years...

c. 1999, found in Hulk #5. This is a card insert which is part of the current successful advertising campaign for the National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board.

This is the reverse of the Milk card.

c. 1984
c. 1984

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