Welcome to Gundam WING DREAMS OF TOMORROW! You have access to all areas of the base so feel free to look around!!! Youre sure to find the boys in here somewhere!

WARNING!!!! This site contains some YAOI content! It (male x male) It will be in a MARKED GALLERY so you have no worries about accidentally running into it! If you are against this I suggest you turn around right here and leave or else be CAUTIOUS! I am not saying that the GW boys are like that really ,but it is just an opinion!  If you have no problems then go ahead and look around! ^_^ (forthose of you who are going to send any HATEMAIL...duo has a little somethin for you...)
P.S. Dont say I didnt warn you!!!!!!!

June 23
FANART!!!! If you have any let me know please!  and if any of you have lyrics to the songs please email me!!!!! I WILL GIVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH CREDIT!!!!!!!!!
Hey! Umm some of the fanfics are up now! and the hangar is up!  umm both yaoi galleries have  thumbnails now! well thats about it! if you have any fanfics fanart or comments suggestions.....deaththreats....email me!

You are Welcome to take any pictures for your site or for your enjoyment, but Please ask before you take the Fanart!! Thanks.

To the DORMS (Heero's Room)
To the LOCKER ROOM! (Duo)
To the GYM (Trowa)
To the BALCONY (Quatre

To the CONFERENCE ROOM (OZ members)

To the
HANGAR (Gundam)
To the
COMPUTER LAB ( cute little surveys Bio's and Group pics)
To the
LIBRARY (fanfics and Fanart)
To the CONCERT HALL (music downloads)

To the mailbox (E-mail me!
NOW IM GOING TO WARN YOU NOW....THE BEDROOM IS THE YAOI Gallery!!! So if you have something against it or dont like it, dont go there!

Hey! thanks for coming!!

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